Automist® Personal Protection System (PPS)

Automist® Personal Protection System (PPS) is an independently tested plug and play portable fire sprinkler. It makes it easy for responsible persons to take appropriate fire safety measures without incurring unreasonable cost or disruption and facilitate independent living for those most at risk. It can also be used to protect archives, means of escape, portacabins and critical assets.

The mobile watermist system (MWS) was designed in consultation with the Dorset Fire Service and is fast-acting, highly effective, portable, easy-to-maintain, and unobtrusive. The system can even be leased with payments to suit your budgetary needs.

Installation is as simple as linking to a double knock smoke alarm or a flame detector with audible warning for early activation, and plugging into a nearby socket. Automist® PPS is unique because it can be customised to meet a variety of risk profiles, and can be hidden within any home as it is designed to look like a standard radiator.

The unit is connected to a GSM module so will notify you by text message when it has been activated, or the power has been disconnected and the system has reverted to battery backup.


Outer dimensions – 860 mm height by 1190 mm length by 150 mm depth

Run time – 12 minutes at a minimum 5.5 l/min (expandable to 24 minutes)

Electrical requirements – 230V electrical supply for trickle charging lead/acid battery

GSM Auto Dialler – Sends text messages to up to three numbers

Installation and maintenance – Commissioning at least every 6 months

Crimewatch Alarms is a UK Accredited Installer of Automist® systems. Get in touch today for more information.

Automist is the registered trademark of Plumis Ltd. Plumis Ltd Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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