CWE approved contractors for ADSA – Automatic Door Suppliers Association

May 3rd, 2016

CWE this summer gained membership to yet another highly regarded institution, the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA.) Being part of the association, CWE are now able to show a high level of commitment to maintaining high standards in automatic door maintenance.

With the growth in volume of automatic doors throughout a huge number of business premises over the past two decades, the need for greater attention to safety in this area has become all the more apparent. As highlighted on their website, ADSA was established in 1985, and is the only institution dedicated to recognising the importance of safety with regards to automatic installations.

 With the growing need in the business field to adhere to safety and accessible requirements, it is important that such a common feature is maintained to the highest standards. Andrew Hutchins, CWE Director enthused, “It is very rare for small businesses to gain ADSA membership, and yet again this is a true reflection of our dedication to our customers’ and clients’ safety.”

The membership is also another example of how CWE endeavours to constantly keep up to date with changes in the facilities management field. Andrew continued to explain, “We made this commitment at a board meeting and were able to send two of our engineers on a course in order to gain full membership.”

The benefits of course are numerous. “Through being on board with ADSA, we can continue to maintain the highest levels of service, health and safety for our clients,” concluded the CWE Director.

Indeed, this is possibly the most pertinent advantage of the ADSA-CWE link. With an array of automatic door set ups, be they in shops, business premises or otherwise, thousands of people use such facilities from day to day. Given the electrics involved, there is a certain scope for errors to occur. In becoming one of the few small businesses to consequently adhere to such standards, CWE are continuing to strive to provide an ethical service to customers.

It is another reflection of how highly the team consider safety and continuous improvement throughout every component of the business’ work. Well done to everyone involved.