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Day Three of the Apprentice Case Study

March 10th, 2017

Lloyd is a level 3 apprentice in his 2nd year at college. Lloyd decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and train to be an electrician. With his dad being in the industry, Lloyd was brought up on apprenticeships and knew the route he had to pursue to get to where he wanted to be.

For Lloyd, the best part of completing his apprenticeship with CWE is the variety of work: ‘You learn a lot. One day you could be helping out on an electrical upgrade and the next repairing a faulty fire alarm.’

Lloyd would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as it is a job and a trade for life.

Lewis - Level 3 Apprentice

Lewis – Level 3 Apprentice

This is Lewis and he too is a level 3 apprentice in his 2nd year are Coleg QS. Growing up Lewis wanted to be a tradesman. He first heard about apprenticeships from his brother and he was the reason Lewis first started looking at apprenticeships.

Lewis enjoys everything about the apprenticeship programme; he loves a challenge and learning new things but for him, the best part is working alongside qualified, JIB electricians. Lewis says learns a lot from his mentors.


Peter - First Year Apprentice

Peter – First Year Apprentice

Meet Peter, our newest recruit in the Apprenticeship Team. Growing up he wanted to be a Police office, but after leaving school, Peter weighed up his options and decided that tracking down an apprenticeship was a great career choice. He first heard about apprenticeships through his career advisor at school. Peter enjoys the practical element of his apprenticeship the most.

When asked about his apprenticeship, Peter said ‘CWE are really good, they are dedicated to helping you finish your apprenticeship’.

Aged 22, Peter said that the first year can be tough and that you need to prepare yourself for it, but it is 100% worth it as you have a job for life.


Day Two of the CWE Apprentice Case Study

March 9th, 2017

Jake is a second year apprentice here at CWE, and aged 22 he is one of the more senior members of the apprenticeship team. Growing up, Jake wanted to be a pilot, but later pursued a career in electrics.

He first heard about apprenticeships in school. Once he qualifies as a JIB Electrician, Jake wants to go onto university to further his studies. Jake has a keen interest in electro technology and his favourite module is practical training.

Jake’s advice to those seeking an apprenticeship would be to persist with the training. Even though the first year of the apprenticeship wage seems low, keep going, the rewards come quickly by year 2 and also upon qualification.



Jack, First Year Apprentice

Jack, First Year Apprentice

First year apprentice, Jack, has wanted to be an Electrician all his life. Jack came to CWE after hearing really great things from a fellow course member who is currently a level 3 apprentice at our company.
Jack enjoys all elements of the NVQ from practical to theoretical study. Jack would recommend an apprenticeship in electro technical, he says ’I enjoy working with Electricians, I learn a lot’ and he would particularly recommend completing your apprenticeship at CWE.

National Apprenticeship Week – CASE STUDY Level One Apprentices

March 8th, 2017

It’s March, which can only mean one thing… it’s Apprenticeship week! Our team have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks promoting apprentice week, via conferences and school visits by highlighting the pros of getting yourself an apprenticeship.

As part of this programme we thought we would what better way to discuss apprentices than to give you a snap shot of our very own apprentice team.

Over the coming days we will post case studies of our team, so sit back and enjoy CWE’s celebration of #Apprenticeweek

CASE STUDY Level One Apprentices

Jack - Level One Apprentice

Jack – Level One Apprentice

This is Jack. Jack is a level one apprentice at Crimewatch Alarms Ltd on a traineeship with us from our training provider Coleg QS. At only 16 years old, Jack is currently the youngest member of the CWE team.  Jack originally wanted to join the army after completing school, however after completing his work experience at a direct labour organisation at a local housing association he decided to pursue an apprenticeship. His favourite part about his apprenticeship is working alongside qualified electricians, learning from them whilst on site. Jack’s piece of advice for anyone looking at an apprenticeship as career option, ‘It is something I would definitely recommend, once qualified you have a job for life’.


Lee - Level One Apprentice

Lee – Level One Apprentice

Meet Lee: he is 18 years old and he too is a level one apprentice carrying out a traineeship here at CWE. After leaving school, Lee was interested in pursuing a career as a mechanic, but later found the electro-technical NVQ more interesting. Once taking an interest in the electrical apprenticeship, Lee contacted Dean at Coleg QS and arranged his place on the course at the college. He enjoys all aspects of the apprenticeship but in particular he enjoys working and learning at the same time (although he wishes the Welsh weather was a little kinder when working outside). Lee also would recommend an apprenticeship, ‘if a friend asked if it I thought it was worth doing, I would say DEFINITELY!’