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Constructing the Future: the tale of two bright sparks

February 11th, 2021


At CWE we pride ourselves on our commitment to life-long learning, from apprentice to Supervisor & Director level. Today we are bringing you two inspirational stories from our Supervisors both of whom completed their apprenticeships at CWE.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Llewys & Callum for giving up their time to outline the importance of apprenticeship schemes and the role apprenticeships have played in their careers. Both work closely with our apprentices and are true role models of what you can achieve if you pursue a career in our industry.

Llewys, Fire & Security Systems Supervisor

“In school, I realised early on that I preferred a more ‘hands on’ approach to learning rather than the more traditional academic route. My brother was an electrician, and while I was completing my A levels during the week in school, I found myself on site at the weekends learning the trade and it was here I found a real keen interest in Electrics.

I started my apprenticeship at CWE in 2008 and even before I completed my Level 3 electrotechnical qualification and had qualified as an Electrician, I had already completed extra qualifications including my City & Guilds Inspection and Testing certificate. By completing this qualification during my apprenticeship, I was able to automatically qualify for Approved Electrician Status two years after I had qualified and get the higher rate of pay.


Within my first year of becoming a qualified electrician I had moved over to the Fire & Security arm of the business and started to quickly gain experience and knowledge on our specialist systems and again found myself carrying out further fire industry accreditations and qualifications to further my career progression.

Fast forward a few years later, I am now one of the Fire & Security Systems Supervisors at CWE running a team of 6 plus engineers and apprentices.

If I could give any advice to someone considering an apprenticeship in construction, I would say you learn something new everyday with no two days ever being the same. You have an opportunity to earn a decent wage whilst pursuing your trade, it’s a no brainer!”

Callum, Fire & Security Systems Supervisor

After completing Sixth Form in school, I didn’t feel university was the right path for me as I was keen to get into the world of work and earn money to create independence for myself. I started applying for jobs and secured myself an interview for a position as an Administration Assistant at CWE.

I hadn’t long started the interview, when company director Judith picked up on my keen interest in Electrics and suggested I pursue the apprenticeship route. Directors Judith & Harry, put me in touch with my local training provider and told me if I pass the initial evaluation there will be an Apprenticeship waiting for me at CWE.


I started my apprenticeship in 2010, and I quickly saw the benefits of hands-on learning combined with classroom learning. This method of learning allows you hone on particular areas of the job and work on perfecting your technical skills whilst learning from like-minded mentors. This really helped my learning experience but also made the process really enjoyable for me.

Like Llewys, once I had completed my apprenticeship I moved across the Fire & Security Side of the business and further my qualifications & knowledge; my most recent qualification was becoming an advanced installer through the Fire Industry Association.

As a Fire & Security Systems Supervisor, I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. It really is an opportunity to get a career not just a job. I took an opportunity offered to me ten years ago and look how far I have come already.

If I could give advice to any young learner it would be: to always pay attention to what your mentors are doing, the experience and knowledge you can gain from watching a tradesperson can really enhance your skills, and you pick up little gems of knowledge & skills which cannot be taught in the classroom.”


Article by Rachel Meese-Kendall

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 at CWE

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 at CWE